Electrical linear actuators (LV)

Integrated linear motor.
Integrated encoder sensor.
Recirculating ball-bearing guide system.
T-nut mounting.
M12 standard electrical connection.

50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm strokes.
Compatible with several drivers available on the market.
Optional weight compensators.
Optional magnetic homing snesors.
Compatible with LVP electric linear guides and ZVP linear pneumatic guides. 

Ultrasonic Sensor (SU)

M18x1 mm ultrasonic sensors.
PNP/NPN digital output with NO or NC programmable logic.
40-300 mm sensing range with programmable point via External Teach.
M12, 4 pin connector output.
Short and lightweight plastic body.
Lock nuts and washers included. 

Pneumatic slide (series ZV)

Adjustable recirculating ball-bearing guide.
Double acting.
Rear air supply.
Optional end stroke adjusters with shock-absorber, rubber bumper or grub screw.
Emergency stopper (KP version).
Optional actuator for intermediate stops.
Optional magnetic sensors.

Blade holder MFI-A272

Suitable for trimming, degating and deburring.
Continuosly adjustable angle from -45° to +45°.
It can be mounted on either side.
Optional heating system.

Angular (MPBM) and Radial (MPRM) electric grippers

Plug & Play user friendly gripper.
No electricity consumption when gripper is engaged.
No programming required.
Gripper retention garanteed in event of blackout.
Long life Brushless motor.
Built-in motor driver.

2 position electric rotary actuator MRE series

Suitable for 90° or 180° rotation angle mechanically set.
Plug & play user friendly gripper.
No electricity consumption when gripper is engaged.
No programming required.


Gripper retention guaranteed in event of blackout.
Long life Brushless motor (Brushless DC).
Built-in motor driver.
24 Vdc Low Voltage Power Supply.
M8X1,3 poles standard connection.
Controllable by PLC as a pneumatic valve.
Ball bearings.
Fiber-carbon gear reduction.
5 million cycle maintenance-free.
Compatible with MPPM electric grippers.
Optional inductive sensors.

Guided cylinder with twin rods OFB series

Double acting 
Piston bore: 40mm. 
Stroke: 30mm, 50mm.
Several mounting accessories. 
Optional magnetic sensors.

Single-acting non-rotative mini cylinders OFC series

Piston bore: 10mm, 16mm, 25mm. 
Stroke: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm.
Several accessories MFI for the clamp mounting on the external diameter.
Several accessories to be mounted on the rod.
Optional sensors and clamps.